Olio d’Oliva
dal 1742

Azienda Agricola Barbano de Pascalis

L'Olio Claudio fa della Genuinità la sua caratteristica principale e cela nel gusto sopraffine la cura e la cultura di una Terra di antica tradizione olivicola dove l'Olio è sempre stato motivo di orgoglio.


La cura dei nostri uliveti ci ripaga con un Prodotto di Altissima Qualità e grande Pregio ...


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Sui terreni calcarei di Terra d'Otranto, i nostri Ulivi Secolari trovano il microclima più adatto ...

La Lavorazione

Excellent Italian oil production starts with the continuous care of the trees and the soil!

Our continuos attention is directed towards our olive groves, and finally in the right season, the tree production repays, year by year since generations, our continuos efforts and guarantees the excellence of our Italian olive oil which contains flavour and taste of our wonderful and sunny land.





Our olives are picked up slightly in advance respect to their ripening.


In this phase, the fruits reach the maximum olive oil content; besides, the product reaches the excellence in terms of nutrition and flavour properties.


When the olives arrive in the farm from the country, where the mill is installed, they are selected with care, separated from the leafs and washed.

At this point the transformation process starts with the grinding and the olives are transformed in an homogenous compound.

The grinding starts within 6 hours from picking of the olives.


After the grinding, following a traditional oil production method, starts a phase which consists in a continuous and slow mixing of the grinded olives compound.

Follows the step of kneading that in our Frantoio is strictly and solely with mechanical procedures without chemical interventions

In this phase, the little olive oil drops enter in contact with other drops in the compound.


The last operation to obtain the olive oil is the centrifugation. During mechanical centrifugation, the complete separation among the olive oil, the vegetation water and the pomace is achieved.


When the olive oil comes out from the centrifugal machine, it is tasted and analysed in an internal chemical laboratory.

Finally, within few hours, the olive oil is bottled using brown glass bottles. In this way the light cannot modify the excellent quality of our Olive Oil.


The Olio Claudio is now ready to be sold.


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